Are you looking for Made-in-Canada, Made-in-USA or Made-in Your Country products ? is a showcase for manufacturers of products in Canada, America and other countries. Specifically I want to help promote businesses which are creating products for their own citizens first, and for exports, second. Any manufacturer, big or small that would like to promote their products to their own citizens, as well as to people around the world is encouraged to be in my showcases. The rates for advertising is $200/month for an ad that is available 24/7 for 4 weeks. The standard ad size is 500 pixels by 500 pixels and must also include a product description and purchasing information. Larger ads will cost more. Please visit the "Join me" link at the top of this page to learn more about advertising with me.



Are you looking for a Telephone number? is not associated with any telephone companies. Therefore I do not have access to their telephone listings information. However, I am more than happy to provide links to official telephone company websites. If you would like to submit a link to a telephone company website that provides good information in your area or country, please email it to me. At the moment, I have a page for telephone directories in Australia. I will add more pages for other countries as I find get information. It is my hope to save people time by directing them to the best online telephone directory in the shortest amount of time.




The purpose of this website is to provide a place where people can showcase their products, events, websites or messages in an elegant space which is free of things which are distracting. You are also able to use a very wide image here, because of the layout.

Most importantly though, I just want to know more about what's going on in the world - I especially like seeing how people solve the same problems in different ways, in different countries. For example, in European countries, the clothes dryers run for hours. Can you guess why? I have to admit that I didn't understand the reason until I read about it by accident. I'm sure that the people in the hostels I stayed at in Europe were wondering why I was sitting around waiting for the dryer to finish its cycle :)