Show off your assets !

At we have no pre-set ad-size except that our minimum ad size is 500 x 500 pixels. Larger ads will cost proportionately more. After spending thousands of dollars on your business, why not show it off? Use our premium showcase to get the attention you deserve. We have a maximum of 15 ads per showcase level. That's it.

Let your words bring you sales

On other websites your keywords are competing with free links from everywhere. Not at Here, my search engine only indexes my own site, not the whole web. This means you get the exclusivity that you deserve and that you have paid for. Why are you still trying to fight millions of other people for the right to describe your product ?

I like to answer the telephone

How many other websites even show you their telephone number? I have a toll-free number as well as a conventional number that can be reached by anyone in the world - and it's right on the front page of my site. E-mail and BBM are excellent ways to communicate, but it's always a pleasure to hear your voice. The fact that I answer my phone means that I can guide people to my client's products. Of course, in order to do this, I will educate myself about your businesss and that means talking to you on the phone :)

The world likes a showcase 's visitors are 50% from the USA and 50% International. Every week visitors from 90 countries come to this site. Most of my visitors are using their work computers and they average 300-400 per day. On the weekends, the number goes down to 150-200 because everybody deserves to relax and recuperate.