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23:25 UTC Tuesday May 13, 2014 -- Map has been re-enabled. Sorry about the inconvenience. Hope you are all doing well :)


0:58 Sunday December 1, 2013UTC -- New map file loaded this afternoon. All timezones have been adjusted for DST end and DST start in northern and southern hemispheres respectively. Thank you for your patience with the update.

If you do not have a shockwave player installed, UTC (GMT) can be seen here at the very begining of this page :

Note,** the time shown in the webpage will not be as precise as the time on the map file, due to the javascript processing involved in the non-map file.


On the live time zone map above, UTC is indicated in the city of Dakar, Senegal. Place your mouse over the grey city dot on the western most edge of Africa. That is Dakar, and it shows UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).


**Note : the Gallery of Advertisers scrolls **horizontally**

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Welcome to the beta. is being designed as a showcase for businesses, products, events, ideas, and art. The first city page, Vancouver,

will have a strong emphasis on our Film Industry Professionals.

There will also be a World page, where you may advertise your business, product, event, tourist destination, or information update.

At present,

The Vancouver Test page is **online** click on the Vancouver flag on the map.

the World page is **online**

The beta map interface is **online** with live clocks in time zones around the world..



This site is not complete. Countries and cities to be added as development continues.

If you wish, you can restart the animation by right-clicking and selecting "restart". This is more efficient than reloading.

Area codes shown are for Land Lines, although they may also work for mobile phones. Many countries have separate area codes for

mobile telephones and they may have little or no resemblance to the Land Line area code.

UTC is at Dakar, Senegal

All standard time zones are represented and most non-standard timezones as well.

All times are expressed in military time notation. i.e. using a 24 hour clock, with the following exception:

"minus (-) hh:mm:ss" indcates a countdown until the beginning (midnight) of the new day. You will see this notation only

in timezones west of UTC. This tells you that those cities are One day behind the UTC date.

Eastern timezones may show a figure such as 27:34:00 this indicates that this time zone is 3 hours and 34 minutes into the New day.

These timezones are One day forward of the UTC date.


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